Marialuisa Giovannini was born in Via Domodossola , Milan ( Italy ) , in 1953.
Australian by choice , she is , at present , living and working in Algarve -Portugal .
From the Italian culture , she retains her love for arts - ephemeral and not ...- and the language which , in the western world , she considers one of the most expressive.
When in Italy , she performed as an actress .
She was given the female protagonist part in the famous movie "Allegro , non troppo " by Bruno Bozzetto .
Then she fled away and lived in many countries : in Chile , where the people's warmth filled her heart ; in some South Pacific Islands -Thaiti , Tonga , New Caledonia , Hawaii - , she learnt the gift of sharing , even the least , and how powerful , sometimes the gentle Ocean can be ..
In Australia the strong lights marked her experience.
She exhibited her works in Italy , in Chile ,in Hawaii , in Australia , in Switzerland , and in Portugal .
All along her life , she carried the brushes and colours with and within her .
She thinks that sharing , giving and helping each other , is what we are on this planet for  , as humble instruments of Love .
She strongly believes that artists are the channel between the visible and the invisible dimension of our existence on Planet Earth , unveiling new realities . 


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